The Mambo Kings Play Songs of Love Character Descriptions

Oscar Hijuelos
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Character Descriptions

Desi Arnaz - This character is a real-life person who plays a crucial role as a character in the book. He was born in the Oriente province of Cuba and became a famous television star.

Lucille Ball - This character is a real person as well as a character in the novel. She was the star of a famous television show, which, in the book, the Castillo brothers appear on in the 1950s.

Cesar Castillo - This character is the focus of this novel. He wants to be a musician so badly that he would pay a local musician for lessons with rum that he steals from his father.

Delores Castillo - Although he cannot forget María, whom he fell in love with in Cuba, Nestor marries this woman in New York, and they have two children together. She is a voracious reader and something of...

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