The Mambo Kings Play Songs of Love Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Oscar Hijuelos
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Part 1

• "The Mambo Kings Play Songs of Love" is the story of Cesar and Nestor Castillo, two brothers who come to America from Cuba in 1949 in quest for a better life and a chance to play their mambo music.

• Eugenio wakes up his uncle to watch a rerun of the "I Love Lucy" show in which the Mambo Kings perform with Desi Arnaz; the story switches perspective with Cesar in a hotel wanting to drink himself to death.

• Cesar's mind wanders to the past when he and Nestor first arrive unprepared for the harsh world of New York City to escape their abusive father and to play their beloved mambo music.

• Cesar and Nestor work in a meat packing plant by day and play in New York City clubs by night, with Nestor still obsessing over his lost love, Maria.

• Maria is never far from Nestor's mind, and...

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