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Kathryn Forbes
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Mama finally sneak in to see her child at the hospital?
(a) She sneaks back when no one is watching.
(b) She pretends to be part of the cleaning staff.
(c) She pretends to deliver a package.
(d) She pretends to be a nurse.

2. What class does Katrin receive an F in?
(a) Composition.
(b) Physical Education.
(c) Mathematics.
(d) Science.

3. What is Uncle Chris' nickname among family members?
(a) An old man.
(b) The Scottish man.
(c) The German.
(d) The black Norwegian.

4. What does the unexpected classroom visitor want from Katrin?
(a) To give her money.
(b) To help her with homework.
(c) To take her home.
(d) To translate a letter.

5. Why does Katrin not like Miss Grimes?
(a) She is late for their meeting.
(b) She is ugly.
(c) She is racist.
(d) She is oriental.

6. How many days of praying does the Catholic Novena include?
(a) 9 days.
(b) 10 days.
(c) 16 days.
(d) 7 days.

7. Which item is not being brought to the reception?
(a) Chicken.
(b) Cucumber sandwiches.
(c) Cookies.
(d) Currant cake.

8. Why won't the doctor let Mama go see her child after the operation?
(a) It is against hospital rules.
(b) The child is not going to live.
(c) Mama can not afford to pay the hospital bill.
(d) Mama is upset and he is afraid she will scare the child.

9. Where does Katrin see the janitress?
(a) The furnace room.
(b) The science classroom.
(c) The auditorium.
(d) The school office.

10. This event causes finances to be low at the beginning of Chapter 2.
(a) Nels is arrested.
(b) Christine becomes ill.
(c) The strike.
(d) Papa leaves the family.

11. What does the first place winner for the contest Katrin entered receive as the prize?
(a) $25.00.
(b) $50.00.
(c) $10.00.
(d) $100.00.

12. Where does Mama count the family's money every week?
(a) Living room couch.
(b) Desk.
(c) Kitchen table.
(d) Back porch.

13. What does Mama want to buy with the money from the check?
(a) A new coat.
(b) Food.
(c) A new house.
(d) Books for the children.

14. What item does Hester plan to bring to the reception?
(a) A silver tea service.
(b) Wine.
(c) A fur coat.
(d) A diamond necklace.

15. What is the phrase that Mama uses to let everyone know everything is going fine?
(a) God bless us.
(b) Praise the Lord.
(c) Is good.
(d) Everything is fine.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who helps Nels with homework?

2. What does the Norwegian phrase "Lille Ven" mean?

3. In Chapter 1, the narrator recalls the family home on which street?

4. Who leaves Mama a check?

5. What does Mama have for lunch in Chapter 3?

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