Mama's Bank Account Short Essay - Answer Key

Kathryn Forbes
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1. How does Mama's Bank Account make the children feel?

Mama's Bank Account acts as a comfort and a sense of security for the children. They always know that they have this money in a bank downtown in case they cannot afford all of their expenses. They do not worry about losing their home or not having food to eat because they know they have extra funds in this account if there is ever a large emergency.

2. What is the purpose of The Little Bank?

The Little Bank is the family's savings for emergencies that do not require having to withdraw from Mama's Bank Account. This account covers expenses like hospital bills, school supplies, and any extra things that aren't a part of their regular, daily needs.

3. How does the family work together to avoid using their savings for expenses?

When expenses arise, the family thinks of ways to save money or make extra money to avoid using their savings. They want to keep this security of the downtown account, so they think of every way possible to cut expenses and not have to use this security blanket that Mama established.

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