Objects & Places from Mama's Bank Account

Kathryn Forbes
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Mama's Bank Account

This item is a fictional source of comfort for the children.

Castro Street

This is the location of the first family home.

Little Bank

This contains the family's entire savings.


This causes the family to take in boarders for extra income in their first home.

Mama's Fur Coat

This object is a symbol of sacrifice for the family.

The Chicken Ranch

This item is sold for a boardinghouse.

The Attic

This is the location of many of Katrin's daydreams.

Steiner Street

This is the location of the large boardinghouse.

Christine's Wages

This can be found in the center of the kitchen table week after week.


This exclusive place turns girls into little women.

Mama's Silver Brooch

This keepsake is a cherished heirloom.

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