Mama's Bank Account Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Kathryn Forbes
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Chapters 1 and 2

• Chapter 1

• The narrator recalls living with her Mama and Papa and her siblings, Nels, Christine, and Dagmar, twenty years earlier in a house on Castro Street.

• Mama counts and separates Papa's wages every Saturday and creates piles of money to pay for things like groceries and rent.

• Mama tells the children that she has money in a bank downtown, which is a sense of security for the children when they can see the little money their Papa makes at his job.

• The Little Bank is the families savings and is used for emergencies or unexpected expenses.

• The family works together to save and make extra money when needed to avoid using money from Mama's Bank Account.

• In present time, the narrator writes a book and tries to give Mama the check for the bank account, but Mama reveals that the bank account was a myth to...

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