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Karen McCarthy Brown
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Alourdes tells the story of a potential client who is a member of a devil-worship group, and she explains that she is a ______________.
(a) Christian.
(b) Vodou priestess.
(c) Devil-worshipper as well.
(d) Vodou practitioner.

2. This chapter opens with Alourdes, Karen and a Jamaican woman named Mabel traveling to Jamaica and then onto Haiti in January of _________.
(a) 1978.
(b) 1980.
(c) 1985.
(d) 1990.

3. What does the spirit do to Philo?
(a) He makes her deaf.
(b) He makes her ill.
(c) He makes her go blind.
(d) He makes her mute.

4. Gede's domination of the realm of death is reflective of a time when males held the power in Haitian families, and this is not the case any longer. In consequence, and in showing how flexible and ever-evolving the culture of Vodou is, a strong female version of Gede is slowly emerging, whose name is _____________.
(a) Gerte.
(b) Geda.
(c) Gedelia.
(d) Gedenia.

5. Back to the present time in the hospital, Maggie is undergoing a procedure where what must be dislodged?
(a) The tube in her stomach into which her fluids are draining.
(b) The cancer.
(c) A growth.
(d) The tumor.

Short Answer Questions

1. She was born by cesarean section weighing a record ______ pounds.

2. Maggie tells the story of losing a ___________ (an important item in Vodou initiation rituals.) while in Haiti.

3. In this chapter, Alourdes, Maggie, Karen, Big Daddy and Maggie's children arrive at Karen's new ______________ apartment in Manhattan.

4. It is noted that what was removed at the same time?

5. The prefix of the word Danbala is Da, meaning ___________.

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