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Karen McCarthy Brown
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The compound is a grouping of huts for whom?
(a) The leaders of the community.
(b) The children of the community.
(c) The Mauvant family's grown children and their children as well.
(d) All the families in town.

2. Marie Noelsine is befriended by Madame Fouchard, the local _____________ in Port-de-Paix.
(a) Religious leader.
(b) Store keeper.
(c) School teacher.
(d) Doctor.

3. Alourdes ____________ the family spirits that inhabit the land.
(a) Mocks.
(b) Feeds.
(c) Studies.
(d) Follows.

4. What is a ritual feeding of the poor?
(a) Panje mov.
(b) Ponji mav.
(c) Monji pav.
(d) A Manje pov.

5. Macena believes that the spirits, like his wife, are there to do what?
(a) Scare him.
(b) Hurt him.
(c) Kill him.
(d) Serve him.

Short Answer Questions

1. They are received with a mixture of ____________________ by the rural townsfolk.

2. According to legend, she is so ______________ that he almost faints the first time he sees her.

3. The journey into rural Haiti is ____________ one.

4. In ______________, Alourdes' son William, who is mentally retarded, is arrested for a purse snatching.

5. What did Maggie explain to Karen?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is Alourdes' purpose for arranging the 'manje pov?'

2. Describe Vodou rituals and ceremonies as a whole. Give an example from this chapter that supports this.

3. How might oral traditions be difficult for the reader?

4. Describe Karen's understanding of Alourdes' "Queen Bee" behavior.

5. What does Sina's character reveal about women in this culture? How do the women compare to the men?

6. What sets Alourdes further apart from the poor Haitians?

7. How is Mama Lola affected by the needs of these spirits? What are the end results of her actions?

8. What is the connection between one's power and the will of the spirits in the world of Vodou?

9. How are Sina and Philo similar? What actions do they take? What does this reveal about them?

10. What is it like being a manbo? How does Alourdes feel about this?

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