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Karen McCarthy Brown
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. She develops a good reputation within the Haitian community because of what?
(a) Her intelligence.
(b) Her wealth.
(c) Her effective treatments and her fairness with her clients.
(d) Her influence among the authorities.

2. Who is Leve Jipon Fanm-nan, meaning "Raise that Woman's Petticoat?"
(a) Macena's dog.
(b) Macena's favorite cock.
(c) Macena's servant.
(d) Macena's best friend.

3. Ogou teaches that in order to live, one must do what?
(a) Learn.
(b) Fight.
(c) Think.
(d) Breathe.

4. Marie Noelsine is befriended by Madame Fouchard, the local _____________ in Port-de-Paix.
(a) Store keeper.
(b) Doctor.
(c) School teacher.
(d) Religious leader.

5. In the end, what happens in William's case?
(a) He is given community service.
(b) All charges are dropped.
(c) He is placed in a mental institution.
(d) He is put in prison.

Short Answer Questions

1. This occurs right around the time when Sina must do what?

2. His medicine, his power, is with him naturally, and he has no need even for what?

3. The capital earned by this career gives her leverage over what?

4. According to legend, she is so ______________ that he almost faints the first time he sees her.

5. Azaka offers the rest of his altar food to his guests, doles out messages to the individual guests and instructs them how to do what?

Short Essay Questions

1. What important themes in the world of Haitian Vodou are seen in this chapter?

2. How is jealousy significant in Haiti?

3. What sets Alourdes further apart from the poor Haitians?

4. How does this similarity relate to their decision to take up the ason and serve the spirits?

5. How is Marie Claire significant?

6. How does jealousy affect the plot of this story?

7. What is revealed about the relationship between Mama Lola and the spirits in this chapter? How is this relationship important?

8. How does one feel regarding Karen? Is it easy to sympathize with her? Why or why not?

9. What do most Americans think of "voodoo?"

10. What is Alourdes' purpose for arranging the 'manje pov?'

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