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Karen McCarthy Brown
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Maggie tells the story of losing a ___________ (an important item in Vodou initiation rituals.) while in Haiti.
(a) Po-tet.
(b) Pi-tet.
(c) Pe-tot.
(d) Pa-tat.

2. What does Philo not want to do?
(a) Put a curse on others.
(b) Leave Haiti.
(c) Take on the responsibility.
(d) Help others.

3. Why is this Karen's decision?
(a) She wants to have confidence in herself the way Alourdes does.
(b) She wants to be a part of Alourdes' family.
(c) She wants to believe in something.
(d) She wants to be a Vodou priestess.

4. Gede's domination of the realm of death is reflective of a time when males held the power in Haitian families, and this is not the case any longer. In consequence, and in showing how flexible and ever-evolving the culture of Vodou is, a strong female version of Gede is slowly emerging, whose name is _____________.
(a) Gedenia.
(b) Geda.
(c) Gedelia.
(d) Gerte.

5. According to the Vodou philosophy, the world is a precarious place, and it is naïve to think what?
(a) That one can navigate their life without family.
(b) That one can navigate their life without money.
(c) That one can navigate their life without the labor required to usher in good luck and stave off bad luck.
(d) That one can navigate their life without God.

6. Alourdes tells the story of a potential client who is a member of a devil-worship group, and she explains that she is a ______________.
(a) Christian.
(b) Devil-worshipper as well.
(c) Vodou priestess.
(d) Vodou practitioner.

7. Why must this be dislodged?
(a) It has become imbedded.
(b) It is blocking a major artery.
(c) It is pressing on her brain stem.
(d) It is growing larger.

8. What does Alourdes ask Karen?
(a) If she would like to research initiation.
(b) If she would like to sponsor those going to be initiated.
(c) If she would like to watch the ritual initiation.
(d) If she would like to undergo the ritual initiation as well.

9. When Karen decides to marry Papa Ogou, Alourdes tells her that she must also marry Papa Danbala. Why?
(a) So he will not be lonely.
(b) For the sake of balance.
(c) So she may have two husbands.
(d) For the sake of honor.

10. How do they know this illness is a sure sign of illness caused by the spirits?
(a) It is a rare illness.
(b) It has come upon her suddenly.
(c) It continues to get worse with medical care.
(d) It is something the doctors are unable to properly diagnose or cure.

11. In this chapter we learn that Vodou rituals are always opened with what?
(a) Catholic prayer.
(b) Meditation.
(c) Yoga.
(d) Vodou prayer.

12. All Vodou lwa are represented by what?
(a) Hindu gods.
(b) The Apostles.
(c) A Catholic saint.
(d) Buddha.

13. In this chapter, Alourdes, Maggie, Karen, Big Daddy and Maggie's children arrive at Karen's new ______________ apartment in Manhattan.
(a) Chelsea.
(b) West Village.
(c) Lower East Side.
(d) TriBeCa.

14. ______________ is an elusive creature of the deep sea, a siren.
(a) Asrial.
(b) Lasyrenn.
(c) Freda.
(d) Danto.

15. There are ___________ levels of initiation into Vodou.
(a) Four.
(b) Two.
(c) Three.
(d) Five.

Short Answer Questions

1. Philo catches the black fever plaguing Haiti. During her recovery, Ageou visits Philo in a dream and tells her what?

2. What does the spirit do to Philo?

3. Alourdes calls who to help her daughter?

4. During this procedure, she dreams of ____________ that makes her swear she will take the ason. She does swear it, and the medical procedure is a success.

5. ______________ is the mother, the one who bears the children.

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