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Karen McCarthy Brown
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. _________________ is a white woman.
(a) Ezili Danto.
(b) Ezili Asrial.
(c) Ezili Lasyrenn.
(d) Ezili Freda.

2. The prefix of the word Danbala is Da, meaning ___________.
(a) Healer.
(b) Teacher.
(c) Snake-like.
(d) Seeker.

3. There are ___________ levels of initiation into Vodou.
(a) Five.
(b) Three.
(c) Two.
(d) Four.

4. What does this spirit tell her?
(a) How to find those who are lost.
(b) How to put a curse on someone.
(c) How to get revenge.
(d) How to make treatments.

5. It is explained to these four that after the initiation, Alourdes will be what?
(a) Their Vodou sister.
(b) Their Vodou spirit.
(c) Their Vodou mother.
(d) Their Vodou leader.

6. Why do they come to her apartment?
(a) To visit her.
(b) To have a party in it.
(c) To bless it.
(d) To see it.

7. Each of these spirits exists in close relation to one another and, when considered as a group, are able to quite accurately paint a portrait of whom?
(a) The Haitian woman and the circumstances in which they exist.
(b) All women and the circumstances in which they exist.
(c) All Haitian people and the circumstances in which they exist.
(d) All people and the circumstances in which they exist.

8. Alourdes and Maggie have the responsibility of keeping the women of this line, Sina, Philo and beyond, as well as the family spirits, alive with what?
(a) Prayers.
(b) Their memories.
(c) Ritual feeding.
(d) Stories.

9. In July of 1981, they travel to Haiti and meet up with a Haitian woman named ____________ who will undergo the initiation as well.
(a) May.
(b) Maddie.
(c) Mimose.
(d) Miracle.

10. Clement Rapelle, a Haitian man, dreams about a woman named Philomise who lives in a compound called _____________________.
(a) Seven Pennies from Heaven.
(b) Seven Deadly Sins.
(c) Seventh Heaven.
(d) Seven Stabs of the Knife.

11. The spirit Papa Danbala is very _________, so when he "mounts" his horse, or manbo, in the possession-performance, he utters sounds only and does not speak.
(a) Young.
(b) Old.
(c) Afraid.
(d) Feeble.

12. Why must this be dislodged?
(a) It is blocking a major artery.
(b) It has become imbedded.
(c) It is growing larger.
(d) It is pressing on her brain stem.

13. All Vodou lwa are represented by what?
(a) The Apostles.
(b) Hindu gods.
(c) Buddha.
(d) A Catholic saint.

14. Alourdes has been hired to do some healing work for a woman in Kingston, as well as for Mabel's son. In Kingston, they meet _______________ who is devoutly attached to her Bible.
(a) Aunt Emma.
(b) Aunt Emily.
(c) Aunt Erin.
(d) Aunt Edna.

15. Maggie is hospitalized with what?
(a) A tumor.
(b) Cancer.
(c) Migraines.
(d) A mystery illness.

Short Answer Questions

1. During this procedure, she dreams of ____________ that makes her swear she will take the ason. She does swear it, and the medical procedure is a success.

2. In time, the two become friends, and she tells him what story?

3. Why is this Karen's decision?

4. Maggie tells the story of losing a ___________ (an important item in Vodou initiation rituals.) while in Haiti.

5. In this chapter we learn that Vodou rituals are always opened with what?

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