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Karen McCarthy Brown
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Healers such as Alourdes are specialists who are for hire in order to do what?
(a) Bring peace to all Haitians.
(b) Talk to the spirits.
(c) Make the spirits happy.
(d) Assist in the labor required to orchestrate good luck.

2. First, upon arrival in Haiti, the group visits _______________ where a ritual cleansing is performed.
(a) The church.
(b) The home.
(c) The cemetery.
(d) The hall.

3. The spirit, __________, comes to her in a dream.
(a) Ago.
(b) Ague.
(c) Auge.
(d) Ageou.

4. Gede's domination of the realm of death is reflective of a time when males held the power in Haitian families, and this is not the case any longer. In consequence, and in showing how flexible and ever-evolving the culture of Vodou is, a strong female version of Gede is slowly emerging, whose name is _____________.
(a) Geda.
(b) Gedelia.
(c) Gerte.
(d) Gedenia.

5. In this chapter, Alourdes, Maggie, Karen, Big Daddy and Maggie's children arrive at Karen's new ______________ apartment in Manhattan.
(a) West Village.
(b) Lower East Side.
(c) TriBeCa.
(d) Chelsea.

6. This chapter is about the female spirits who belong to the grouping known as ____________.
(a) Lasyrenn.
(b) Ezili.
(c) Freda.
(d) Danto.

7. What does Karen decide?
(a) She wants to do it.
(b) She wants to sponsor them.
(c) She wants to study it.
(d) She wants to view it.

8. ______________ is an elusive creature of the deep sea, a siren.
(a) Lasyrenn.
(b) Danto.
(c) Freda.
(d) Asrial.

9. At the end of the blessing, Alourdes mentions to Karen that Maggie is going to __________ (undergo the ritual initiation into Vodou) in July.
(a) 'Kitche.'
(b) 'Kache.'
(c) 'Koche.'
(d) 'Kouche.'

10. What will they be forever?
(a) Spiritual friends.
(b) Brothers and sisters.
(c) Haitians.
(d) Friends.

11. All four successfully survive the initiation. The story jumps to some years later in Alourdes' Brooklyn basement where the three surviving siblings of the initiation are doing what?
(a) Missing Miracle, who is killed in the spring of 1987.
(b) Missing Mimose, who is killed in the spring of 1987.
(c) Missing Maggie, who is killed in the spring of 1987.
(d) Missing May, who is killed in the spring of 1987.

12. _________________ is a white woman.
(a) Ezili Lasyrenn.
(b) Ezili Freda.
(c) Ezili Asrial.
(d) Ezili Danto.

13. Each of these women represents a generational link in a chain that, if broken, will cause what to happen to future generations?
(a) They will leave Haiti.
(b) They will lose their ancestral stories and their deepest connections to who they are.
(c) They will lose all power.
(d) They will die.

14. In July of 1981, they travel to Haiti and meet up with a Haitian woman named ____________ who will undergo the initiation as well.
(a) Maddie.
(b) May.
(c) Mimose.
(d) Miracle.

15. It is noted that what was removed at the same time?
(a) Her ovaries.
(b) Her uterus.
(c) The fetus of a partially formed twin brother.
(d) The fetus of a partially formed twin sister.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does this spirit love?

2. The spirit Papa Danbala is very _________, so when he "mounts" his horse, or manbo, in the possession-performance, he utters sounds only and does not speak.

3. In the year ___________, both Maggie and Alourdes are confronted with the question--who are my people?

4. This spirit is the '______________ woman' of the female spirits.

5. Alourdes has been hired to do some healing work for a woman in Kingston, as well as for Mabel's son. In Kingston, they meet _______________ who is devoutly attached to her Bible.

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