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Karen McCarthy Brown
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. This occurs right around the time when Sina must do what?
(a) Return to her family's home.
(b) Move to Gros Morne to escape Macena.
(c) Become a spirit.
(d) Move to the United States.

2. When she first meets Alphonse Macena, she is just a girl of __________.
(a) 19.
(b) 12.
(c) 15.
(d) 17.

3. What warrior lesson does Karen learn?
(a) Strike first and strike hard.
(b) Learn how to wield a sword.
(c) Fight those who fight you.
(d) Know what you want and fight for it.

4. What is the setting?
(a) The Mauvant family compound.
(b) The Mauvant family store.
(c) The town hall.
(d) The town market.

5. What is a "met tet?"
(a) Master of her head.
(b) A beaded rattle.
(c) A Mets fan.
(d) A grocery store.

6. She later stages a ______________.
(a) Manje pov.
(b) Ponji mav.
(c) Panje mov.
(d) Monji pav.

7. Does Joseph Binbin Mauvant like Macena?
(a) Yes, but only at first.
(b) No, not at first.
(c) No, never.
(d) Yes.

8. Philo meets a man named Luc Charles with whom she bears a child named ______________.
(a) Fred.
(b) Frank.
(c) Phil.
(d) Frieda.

9. In Haiti, before she moved to America, Alourdes, like most other Haitian women, did whatever it took to feed herself and her family, including what?
(a) Cooking for wealthy families.
(b) Giving away her children.
(c) Bartering with sex.
(d) Selling precious items.

10. How do Alourdes and Maggie feel about the idea of having to deal with the American police?
(a) They are annoyed.
(b) They are excited.
(c) They are terrified.
(d) They are angry.

11. Fouchard understands that she must do what?
(a) Close up shop and immediately leave town.
(b) Continue as if nothing has happened.
(c) Stay in her home.
(d) Care for Sina.

12. What does Philo realize?
(a) She must serve the spirits and take up her mother's legacy.
(b) She must ignore the spirits.
(c) She misses Luc.
(d) She must return to New York.

13. Azaka offers the rest of his altar food to his guests, doles out messages to the individual guests and instructs them how to do what?
(a) Live their lives
(b) Pay for his services.
(c) Worship him.
(d) Dismantle his altar.

14. The emphasis in this chapter is on what?
(a) The history of Haitian politics.
(b) The relationships between men and women.
(c) The economic status of all Haitians.
(d) The economics of women's lives.

15. The incident shows that McCarthy Brown is what?
(a) Very intelligent.
(b) A good lawyer.
(c) A liar.
(d) A devoted friend to Alourdes and her family.

Short Answer Questions

1. She buys land in _____________, building her house with her own hands.

2. Where is this town located?

3. The journey into rural Haiti is ____________ one.

4. What does McCarthy Brown do for Alourdes and Maggie?

5. For how long do the ceremonies go on?

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