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Karen McCarthy Brown
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The emphasis in this chapter is on what?
(a) The relationships between men and women.
(b) The economics of women's lives.
(c) The economic status of all Haitians.
(d) The history of Haitian politics.

2. She buys land in _____________, building her house with her own hands.
(a) Gros Cajou.
(b) Gros Morne.
(c) Gros Mango.
(d) Gros Balance.

3. ____________ is finally reacted by Karen, Alourdes and their traveling companions.
(a) Gros Vignon.
(b) Gros Morne.
(c) Gros Balance.
(d) Gros Cajou.

4. Mauvant dresses and assumes his usual post where?
(a) In the center square.
(b) Beneath the cottonsilk tree.
(c) Outside the general store.
(d) On his porch.

5. The capital earned by this career gives her leverage over what?
(a) The wealthy.
(b) An otherwise male-dominated culture.
(c) Those who are not a part of the culture.
(d) Other women.

6. What does Mauvant vomit up?
(a) A spirit.
(b) His lunch.
(c) A small, smooth stone.
(d) A diamond.

7. Macena is the father of her children so she must do what?
(a) Stay away from him.
(b) Take him in.
(c) Forgive him.
(d) Trust him.

8. What does McCarthy Brown do for Alourdes and Maggie?
(a) She steps in to assist in the process.
(b) She pays for William's bail.
(c) She acts as William's lawyer.
(d) She translates for them.

9. The first chapter of the book begins where?
(a) In Brooklyn.
(b) In TriBeCa.
(c) In the rural mountains of Haiti.
(d) In the city of Port au Prince.

10. What is the setting?
(a) The Mauvant family compound.
(b) The town hall.
(c) The Mauvant family store.
(d) The town market.

11. Why does Macena mourn bitterly?
(a) Unexpectedly, this prize fighting cock of Macena's dies in the ring.
(b) Unexpectedly, Macena's servant quits.
(c) Unexpectedly, Macena's best friend dies.
(d) Unexpectedly, Macena's dog dies while out hunting.

12. For Karen, the trip is largely in the name of ____________.
(a) Spending time with family.
(b) Research.
(c) Making friends.
(d) Relaxing.

13. Most of the compound's women have made the long journey down the mountain to what?
(a) The school.
(b) The market.
(c) The town hall.
(d) The mall.

14. Fouchard understands that she must do what?
(a) Stay in her home.
(b) Continue as if nothing has happened.
(c) Care for Sina.
(d) Close up shop and immediately leave town.

15. In what town does the story take place?
(a) Achille.
(b) Port au Prince.
(c) Surin.
(d) Jean Rabel.

Short Answer Questions

1. Marie Noelsine is befriended by Madame Fouchard, the local _____________ in Port-de-Paix.

2. Macena shirks his responsibilities and spends all of his time where?

3. Where is this ritual feeding held?

4. All morning Mauvant is muttering that he is ________________ but no one pays him much attention.

5. What is the reasoning for the answer to number 96?

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