Mama Lola: A Vodou Priestess in Brooklyn Quiz | Eight Week Quiz G

Karen McCarthy Brown
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 12 - Gede.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. They are made to understand that they cannot reveal exactly what occurs in the initiation chamber; to do so is to cause what?
(a) The separation of the initiate from the spirits.
(b) The end of Vodou.
(c) Destruction of the family.
(d) Your own death.

2. When "Sina," as Macena calls her, becomes pregnant, Mauvant and the men from the community do what?
(a) Kick him out.
(b) Put him in jail.
(c) Build him a hut in the compound.
(d) Force him to marry Sina.

3. This spirit is the '______________ woman' of the female spirits.
(a) Crazy.
(b) Wild.
(c) Wonder.
(d) Strong.

4. What is the reasoning for the answer to number 96?
(a) She gives away part of herself.
(b) Her children are her life.
(c) She loses all self-esteem.
(d) Vodou spirits are ideal lovers.

5. Mama Lola takes the ________ like her mother, grandmother and great-grandmother.
(a) Asion.
(b) Aser.
(c) Asar.
(d) Ason.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does he fund this?

2. This occurs right around the time when Sina must do what?

3. ____________________ when she agrees to return to her family land in Jean Rabel to give a feast for the family spirits.

4. What does Mauvant vomit up?

5. The first is a _____________ in order to dislodge the spirits in one's head.

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