Mama Lola: A Vodou Priestess in Brooklyn Quiz | Eight Week Quiz C

Karen McCarthy Brown
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 5 - The Baka Made from Jealousy.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The story begins on __________ early morning.
(a) A stormy.
(b) A typical.
(c) A strange.
(d) A cold.

2. Philo is taken in by a generous woman named _______________.
(a) Madame Victoria.
(b) Madame Vichy.
(c) Madame Valeria.
(d) Madame Victor.

3. She develops a good reputation within the Haitian community because of what?
(a) Her wealth.
(b) Her influence among the authorities.
(c) Her effective treatments and her fairness with her clients.
(d) Her intelligence.

4. Mauvant dresses and assumes his usual post where?
(a) Beneath the cottonsilk tree.
(b) On his porch.
(c) Outside the general store.
(d) In the center square.

5. Why does Alourdes do this for Karen?
(a) She worries about Karen.
(b) She loves Karen.
(c) She respects Karen.
(d) In order to determine how involved she should become within the world of Vodou.

Short Answer Questions

1. While power liberates, it also can do what to those who wield it?

2. The incident shows that McCarthy Brown is what?

3. When do the preparations for the party begin?

4. The chapter about the spirit Azaka, or "Kouzen Zaka" begins with Karen telling the story of her journey to Mama Lola's home in ______________.

5. This woman is a successful ____________ (market woman).

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