Mama Lola: A Vodou Priestess in Brooklyn Quiz | Eight Week Quiz A

Karen McCarthy Brown
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 2 - Azaka.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. This is done around ____________.
(a) 4:00 p.m.
(b) 8:00 p.m.
(c) 8:00 a.m.
(d) 4:00 a.m.

2. Azaka offers the rest of his altar food to his guests, doles out messages to the individual guests and instructs them how to do what?
(a) Pay for his services.
(b) Dismantle his altar.
(c) Worship him.
(d) Live their lives

3. What is the beaded rattle used to leverage the spirit world?
(a) An acon.
(b) An ason.
(c) An afon.
(d) An axon.

4. Mama Lola travels to ___________ from Haiti and falls very ill.
(a) America.
(b) Spain.
(c) Cuba.
(d) France.

5. When do the preparations for the party begin?
(a) Around 5:00 in the morning.
(b) Around 10:00 in the morning.
(c) Around 5:00 in then evening.
(d) Around 10:00 at night.

Short Answer Questions

1. In what town does the story take place?

2. How does Mama Lola discover information through her sister-in-law?

3. The chapter ends with a quick anecdote about whom?

4. The spirits will do what if should she neglect them?

5. All morning Mauvant is muttering that he is ________________ but no one pays him much attention.

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