Mama Lola: A Vodou Priestess in Brooklyn Quiz | Four Week Quiz B

Karen McCarthy Brown
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 10 - Danbala.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Clement Rapelle, a Haitian man, dreams about a woman named Philomise who lives in a compound called _____________________.
(a) Seven Pennies from Heaven.
(b) Seventh Heaven.
(c) Seven Stabs of the Knife.
(d) Seven Deadly Sins.

2. What warrior lesson does Karen learn?
(a) Fight those who fight you.
(b) Learn how to wield a sword.
(c) Strike first and strike hard.
(d) Know what you want and fight for it.

3. What is a "met tet?"
(a) A beaded rattle.
(b) A grocery store.
(c) Master of her head.
(d) A Mets fan.

4. She later stages a ______________.
(a) Manje pov.
(b) Monji pav.
(c) Panje mov.
(d) Ponji mav.

5. In the end, what happens in William's case?
(a) He is placed in a mental institution.
(b) All charges are dropped.
(c) He is put in prison.
(d) He is given community service.

Short Answer Questions

1. ______________ is the mother, the one who bears the children.

2. He is a "grimo," or _____________ man.

3. In the market of _____________, Philo finds her sister, Gloria.

4. Macena believes that the spirits, like his wife, are there to do what?

5. The emphasis in this chapter is on what?

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