Mama Lola: A Vodou Priestess in Brooklyn Quiz | Four Week Quiz B

Karen McCarthy Brown
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 10 - Danbala.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Azaka offers the rest of his altar food to his guests, doles out messages to the individual guests and instructs them how to do what?
(a) Live their lives
(b) Dismantle his altar.
(c) Worship him.
(d) Pay for his services.

2. She buys land in _____________, building her house with her own hands.
(a) Gros Morne.
(b) Gros Balance.
(c) Gros Cajou.
(d) Gros Mango.

3. After losing this, she subsequently had a dream of what?
(a) Losing her daughter.
(b) Being pursued by the spirits and meeting them with resistance.
(c) Looking for the spirits.
(d) Snakes.

4. ______________ is an elusive creature of the deep sea, a siren.
(a) Freda.
(b) Asrial.
(c) Lasyrenn.
(d) Danto.

5. This mothering spirit is tough and strict and sometimes very ____________.
(a) Quiet.
(b) Violent.
(c) Slow.
(d) Cold.

Short Answer Questions

1. This woman is a successful ____________ (market woman).

2. In this chapter we learn about Alourdes' Grandmother, ______________.

3. Macena is the father of her children so she must do what?

4. In the year ___________, both Maggie and Alourdes are confronted with the question--who are my people?

5. What warrior lesson does Karen learn?

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