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Karen McCarthy Brown
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 4 - Ogou.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The relationship between Sina and Alphonse Macena does not last long. Why?
(a) She tires of him.
(b) He does not carry his weight in the household.
(c) He is abusive.
(d) He dies.

2. She develops a good reputation within the Haitian community because of what?
(a) Her effective treatments and her fairness with her clients.
(b) Her influence among the authorities.
(c) Her wealth.
(d) Her intelligence.

3. What does Mauvant vomit up?
(a) A spirit.
(b) A diamond.
(c) A small, smooth stone.
(d) His lunch.

4. Mauvant is what they call a _____________________ or a true African who has the spirits "on him" always.
(a) "Afrikanner."
(b) "Frafrica."
(c) "Afrique."
(d) "Franginen."

5. What does McCarthy Brown do for Alourdes and Maggie?
(a) She translates for them.
(b) She steps in to assist in the process.
(c) She pays for William's bail.
(d) She acts as William's lawyer.

Short Answer Questions

1. Despite her power as a Vodou priestess and the protection that she enjoys at the hands of the spirits, ________________ is enough to upturn Alourdes' life.

2. What warrior lesson does Karen learn?

3. Who is Joseph Binbin Mauvant?

4. In what town does the story take place?

5. In this chapter we learn about Alourdes' Grandmother, ______________.

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