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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who accosts Spade outside Gutman's hotel?
(a) Dundy
(b) The young man
(c) Cairo
(d) Gutman

2. What cit does rhea say Brigid has been taken to?
(a) New York
(b) Los Angeles
(c) St. Louis
(d) Burlingame

3. What two us cities does the District attorney think the gangsters come from?
(a) St. Louis and Chicago
(b) Chicago and Seattle
(c) New York and Jersey
(d) Chicago and San Francisco

4. Who frisks spade?
(a) Brigid
(b) Cairo
(c) The gunman
(d) Guttman

5. Who enters as Spade is about to leave his office?
(a) Gutman
(b) Iva
(c) Cairo
(d) Brigid

6. Who was the falcon a gift for?
(a) Gutman
(b) The Prince of Denmark
(c) The King of England
(d) The King of Spain

7. Where does Kemidov live?
(a) Constaninople
(b) St. Petersburg
(c) Cairo
(d) Berlin

8. Who does Gutman say he hired to steal the falcon from the Russian?
(a) The young gunman
(b) Jacobi
(c) Brigid and Thursby
(d) Cairo

9. Who does Spade want as the fall guy?
(a) Brigid
(b) The young gunman
(c) Guttman
(d) Cairo

10. Where did Brigid and Thursby go once they were in possession of the falcon?
(a) Yugoslavia
(b) Romania
(c) America
(d) England

11. What country is the ship coming from?
(a) Hong Kong
(b) England
(c) China
(d) Japan

12. What reason does Brigid give for Spade not to hand her over to the police?
(a) She can give him money
(b) She is claustrophobic
(c) She loves him
(d) She will sleep with him

13. Which character does Spade turn over to the police?
(a) Cairo
(b) Brigid
(c) Gutman
(d) Effie

14. Who is the only one who is unsure about making the young man the fall guy?
(a) Spade
(b) Cairo
(c) Guttman
(d) Brigid

15. What alerted Gutman to Brigid and Thursby's location?
(a) His own private detective
(b) His instincts
(c) Security cameras
(d) Thursby's murder

Short Answer Questions

1. What characters are already in custody?

2. Whose three murders does spade want a fall guy for?

3. what does the client in Spade's office want to dicuss?

4. Who does Spade not want to be questioned by?

5. Where did Kemidov purchase the falcon?

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