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Carol O'Connell
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who are possible suspects of Markowitz's murder by Chapter 7?
(a) Margot, Redwing, and Cathery.
(b) Mallory, Coffey, and Butler.
(c) Margot, Mallory, and Noah.
(d) Noah, Ortega, and Cathery.

2. Who does Kaplan tell that it is not necessary to sit with the dead?
(a) Blakely.
(b) Slope.
(c) Butler.
(d) Mallory.

3. Where does Mallory go to the séance?
(a) Margot's place.
(b) Redwing's place.
(c) Helen's place.
(d) Ortega's place.

4. Who passes out in the theater drunk?
(a) Mallory.
(b) Gaynor.
(c) Markowitz.
(d) The lead actor.

5. Who is urinating against a wall in Manhattan that Mallory fails to notice?
(a) A girl.
(b) A man.
(c) A boy.
(d) A woman.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who has decided to raise Markowitz during the séance?

2. How is Kathleen Mallory related to Louis Markowitz?

3. How old is the second victim of the Gray Lady Killer?

4. Who often work from predictions and observation?

5. Who recognizes that the watch and a wedding ring belong to Louis Markowitz?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why is Riker alarmed by the change in Mallory as she pursues the investigation?

2. How is Siddon described in Chapter 4?

3. How does Mallory act in the investigation that raises alarms for her tendency of being a sociopath?

4. Why is Butler upset with Mallory in her new office in his building?

5. When Butler wakes up in the hospital, why is he confused?

6. How is Mallory's relationship with Butler different from that of other men?

7. What does Mallory notice or fail to notice as she wanders through Manhattan on her way to meet Gaynor?

8. In the end, how does Mallory act by Markowitz?

9. How is Margot described in Chapter 5?

10. When Margot cannot get into her apartment, how does she reveal her desperation in her subsequent acts?

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