Objects & Places from Mallory's Oracle

Carol O'Connell
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New York City

This area with 5 boroughs is legendary in its mix of cultures, neighborhoods, and wide array of diverse characters.

Gramercy Park

This is an upscale area off Park Avenue and on the National Register of Historic Places.


This is home to Louis Markowitz.

Edith Candle's Apartment

This is the place of much mystery due to the automatic writing on the wall.

Charles Butler's Apartment

This residence also serves as an office which is shared with Mallory.


This is the place where Mallory works and it the site of many meetings regarding the case.

Barnard College

This is where John Gaynor works as a professor.

Mallory's Apartment

This is the source of some curiosity because it seems much more expensive than a residence where a regular cop would live.

The East Village

This is a funky section of the city with residents like Margot Siddon...

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