Mallory's Oracle Fun Activities

Carol O'Connell
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Create a monologue for any character in "Mallory's Oracle" and imagine what the character sees, says, and feels.


Bring in a video that reminds you of a setting from "Mallory's Oracle". Be ready to present your article and explain your reasoning to the class.


Create a limerick about just one of your characters in "Mallory's Oracle".


Draw a scene from "Mallory's Oracle" and explain what it means to you.

Point of View

Rewrite a chapter from the point of view of another character that is silent in "Mallory's Oracle".

Compare and Contrast

Compare and contrast your characters from the beginning of "Mallory's Oracle" to the end and see how they have changed.

Auditory Perspective

Imagine if you were going to describe one chapter of "Mallory's Oracle" only through sounds. Pick a chapter and describe all the events from an auditory perspective.


Summarize the...

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