Mallory's Oracle Character Descriptions

Carol O'Connell
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Kathleen Mallory

This character is the protagonist and a young New York Police Department cop and computer expert known for being cold.

Louis Markowitz

This character is one of the best NYPD cops and adopted a child.

Helen Markowitz

This character is married and influential on a young NYPD cop that she/he adopts.

Lieutenant Jack Coffey

This character is in charge of the Gray-Lady Killer case.

Sergeant Riker

This character is one of the investigators on the Gray-Lady Killer case.

Edith Candle

This character is an eccentric and wealthy magician.


This character is of mixed heritage and operates a scam in the East Village.

Commissioner Beale

This character is the head of the NYPD.

Charles Butler

This character is a friend of the protagonist and becomes a reluctant business partner.

Chief Blakely

This character is the Chief of Detectives.

Pearl Whitman

This character inherits the Whitman...

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