Mallory's Oracle Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Carol O'Connell
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Prologue, Chapters 1-3

• A dog is filled with absolute terror after his mistress is killed.

• A boy brings in a watch and wedding ring that belongs to Markowitz.

• Jack Coffey cannot be reached at this point. The only thing that is obvious is that Coffey respected Markowitz's skill and cannot figure out why Markowitz would put himself in such a dangerous position.

• Kathleen Mallory is a cold and hard-nosed cop that is almost entirely disconnected from the rest of the world.

• The only person that seems to reach Mallory on a personal level is Butler. Butler and Markowitz are friends.

• Butler helps Mallory at the funeral of her father.

• Mallory is angry that Rabbi Kaplan knew more about the case than she.

• Butler and Mallory end up in a partnership.

• Poker night is held as usual. It means a lot that Butler has inherited Markowitz's seat at the...

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