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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who edits Malcolm's autobiography?
(a) Elmore Leonard
(b) Alex Haley
(c) Richard Wright
(d) James Baldwin

2. Who does Malcolm meet in 1965?
(a) Jesse Jackson
(b) Martin Luther King
(c) James Baldwin
(d) Alex Hayley

3. What do the whites call Malcolm?
(a) Satan
(b) The Messiah
(c) A communist
(d) The angry black man

4. What does Malcolm leave to Archie?
(a) The Bible
(b) All of his money
(c) A reefer
(d) The Koran

5. What does Haley say he tried to be when he wrote Malcolm's autobiography?
(a) A dispassionate chronicler
(b) An observer of his life
(c) Funny
(d) A passionate chronicler

Short Answer Questions

1. Who does Malcolm begin a correspondence with in this chapter?

2. What country does Malcolm's plane make a stop in on its way to Saudi Arabia?

3. What kind of personality does Haley state that Malcolm has?

4. In what year does this final chapter take place?

5. How many pages of a dictionary does Malcolm copy per day?

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