The Autobiography of Malcolm X Character Descriptions

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Amilah - Malcolm X's fourth daughter born in 1964.

West Indian Archie - He threatens to kill Malcolm over a misunderstanding about money but Malcolm manags to arrange to leave town.

Attallah - Malcolm X's first daughter born in 1958.

Bimbi - An old burglar who encourages Malcolm to read and study and was the first man Malcolm had ever met who commands respect simply with his words.

Sister Clara - She is married to Elijah Muhammad and is, according to Malcolm X, a "dark, good wife."

Ella Mae Collins - Malcolm first meets her while he was in seventh grade and he considers her the proudest black woman he had ever seen. She owns property in Boston and is successful enough in business to help bring a number of her relatives from Georgia to live in Boston.

Earl - He is one of Malcolm's father's three children...

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