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Short Answer Questions

1. Who does Enrico Fermi team with to separate iodine isotopes?

2. Who conceives the atomic bomb?

3. Who is the author of "Mein Kempf"?

4. Where does Lise Meitner go when she flees Germany?

5. Hahn and Strassman (without Meitner) continue experiments with neutron bombardment of what element?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is "Silverplate"?

2. How does the Little Boy, minus uranium target pieces, arrive on Tinian?

3. What is General Dwight Eisenhower's reaction to the dropping of the atomic bombs?

4. Why does the Fermi family have to leave Italy?

5. What happens to the Nobel Prize medals that Max Von Laue and James Franck had given Niels Bohr for safekeeping?

6. Why does Lise Meitner leave Austria and go to Copenhagen?

7. Why is the neutron important to nuclear physics?

8. Why do the Jewish Hungarian scientists leave Hungary?

9. What are the three main themes of "The Protocols of he Elders of Zion"?

10. What two scientists come to Berkeley in 1928-1929 and what do they develop?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Compare and contrast the opinions of Dwight Eisenhower and Curtis LeMay, two military leaders of the time, about the use of the atomic bomb. One is involved in the European war and the other in the Pacific war. Does this make a difference?

Essay Topic 2

Many of the scientists involved with the making of the atomic bomb in the United States are refugees from Europe. Choose three of these refugee scientists. Discuss why they leave their homeland , how they arrive in the United States and what their role is in the making of the bomb.

Essay Topic 3

From the theoretical discussion of nuclear energy to the making of the atomic bomb is a relatively short period of time. Discuss what effect the wars have on this development. Would the bomb be developed as rapidly without the reality of the wars?

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