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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In the 1940's, the Japanese scientists researching nuclear power for propulsion switch their research to what field?
(a) Radiation.
(b) Atomic bomb.
(c) Radar.
(d) Sonar.

2. Who is the chairman of the British Uranium Committee in the early 1940's?
(a) Mark Oliphant.
(b) Henry Tizard.
(c) James Conant.
(d) Niels Bohr.

3. What company provides contracted employees to operate the Oak Ridge facility?
(a) DuPont.
(b) Boeing.
(c) Eastman Kodak.
(d) IBM.

4. After the dropping of the bombs, Leo Szilard leaves nuclear physics and goes into what field of study?
(a) Biology.
(b) Chemistry.
(c) Medicine.
(d) Experimental physics.

5. When does the Oak Ridge pilot reactor reach critical mass?
(a) November 1943.
(b) June 1943.
(c) January 1943.
(d) January 1944.

6. When does Enrico Fermi move to Los Alamos?
(a) February 1942.
(b) January 1944.
(c) September 1944.
(d) June 1943.

7. Who wi the pilot of the plane that drops the second atomic bomb?
(a) Tibbets.
(b) LeMay.
(c) Marshall.
(d) Sweeney.

8. In what state is the Hanford facility located?
(a) Alaska.
(b) New Mexico.
(c) Arizona.
(d) Washington.

9. Who is Tokutaro Hagiwara?
(a) A Japanese diplomat.
(b) A Japanese physicist.
(c) A British physicist.
(d) An American nuclear physicist.

10. Where does the first full-scale self-sustained nuclear chain reaction occur?
(a) Manhattan.
(b) Los Alamos.
(c) Berkeley.
(d) Chicago.

11. What is Alsos?
(a) A nickname for Los Alamos.
(b) The American League Sons of Soldiers.
(c) A security unit established by Groves.
(d) The American League for Southern Officers.

12. What English innovation does the author consider to be the most valuable in the war?
(a) Radar.
(b) Particle accelerator.
(c) Cavity magnetron.
(d) Heavy water.

13. Who says, "Welcome to Los Alamos, and who the devil are you?"
(a) Oppenheimer.
(b) Chadwick.
(c) Bohr.
(d) Groves.

14. After Edward Teller becomes an American citizen and moves to Manhattan, his research involves what?
(a) Radar.
(b) A mass spectrometer.
(c) The atomic bomb.
(d) The hydrogen bomb.

15. When does Niels Bohr escape from Stockholm to Scotland?
(a) 1943.
(b) 1939.
(c) 1942.
(d) 1941.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Operation Barbarossa?

2. Who replaces Oppenheimer as director at Los Alamos?

3. In 1940, how long does the MAUD Committee think it takes its members to create an atomic weapon?

4. When does the U.S. Uranium Committee meet to reorganize work on the atomic bomb?

5. When do the Germans invade Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg?

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