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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What can Von Karman do at age six that show he is a prodigy?
(a) Multiply six figure numbers in his head.
(b) Write equations.
(c) Recite the periodic table.
(d) Read science books.

2. In 1873, what physicist says that atoms do not exist?
(a) James Maxwell.
(b) James Chadwick.
(c) Max Planck.
(d) Fyodor Vinbert.

3. How much money does Leo Szilard ask the Uranium Committee for?
(a) $16,000.
(b) $6,000.
(c) $10,000.
(d) $20,000.

4. Who reorganizes the Hungarian school system along German lines?
(a) Mor Karman.
(b) Eugene Wigner.
(c) Michael Polanyi.
(d) Von Neumann.

5. By 1920, Jews make up what percent of Hungary's financiers?
(a) 80.
(b) 40.
(c) 20.
(d) 60.

6. Where does Leo Szilard study engineering?
(a) Manchester.
(b) Paris.
(c) Berlin.
(d) Budapest.

7. When does Bohr win the Nobel Prize in physics?
(a) 1935.
(b) 1913.
(c) 1922.
(d) 1943.

8. Who conceives the atomic bomb?
(a) Leo Szilard.
(b) Albert Einstein.
(c) Ernest Rutherford.
(d) James Chadwick.

9. In the early 1900s, Budapest is the first European city to have what mode of transportation?
(a) Airplanes.
(b) Trains.
(c) Subway.
(d) Buses.

10. What is the general topic for the Solvay Conference?
(a) Experimental physics.
(b) Relativity.
(c) Quantum mechanics.
(d) Nuclear physics.

11. Where is particle acceleration developed?
(a) Berkeley.
(b) Cambridge.
(c) Manchester.
(d) Budapest.

12. Hahn and Strassman (without Meitner) continue experiments with neutron bombardment of what element?
(a) Uranium.
(b) Thorium.
(c) Radon.
(d) Actinium.

13. Who determines how to use x-ray spectroscopy to study atoms?
(a) Max Planck.
(b) Ernest Rutherford.
(c) Niels Bohr.
(d) Harry Moseley.

14. After finishing his Ph.D., where does Bohr start work?
(a) Cavendish Laboratory.
(b) Edinburgh Laboratory.
(c) University of Denmark.
(d) University of Copenhagan.

15. What element does Enrico Fermi and his team begin to experiment with?
(a) Barium.
(b) Plutonium.
(c) Radon.
(d) Uranium.

Short Answer Questions

1. When does Isador Isaac Rabi become a Nobel laureate in physics?

2. Bohr sets out the order of elements on the periodic table based on what part of the atom?

3. How many patents does Szilard apply for in Germany between 1924 and 1934?

4. Where does Lise Meitner go when she flees Germany?

5. Who founds big-machine physics in America?

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