Daily Lessons for Teaching The Making of the Atomic Bomb

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Daily Lessons

Lesson 1

Objective: Chapter One "Moonshine". Leo Szilard is a Jewish Hungarian theoretical physicist. In this chapter, Szilard's history and scientific discoveries are discussed, including his thoughts about the possibility of a nuclear chain reaction, which means he basically conceives the atomic bomb. The objective of this lesson to learn about Leo Szilard and his discoveries.

1) 1. Class Activity: Have the class put together a timeline of Szilard's biographical information. Then add in his scientific discoveries, ending with his conception of the nuclear chain reaction.

2. Groups: Divide the class into groups. Have them discuss what they consider to be the most significant influences on Szilard and why? What events or people in his personal life influence him? How and why? What effect do other scientists have on him? Have them make a list. Come together and briefly related to the class what they consider to be the most important influences...

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