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Chapter 1 "Moonshine"

• The author talks about the life and scientific discoveries of Leo Szilard, a Jewish Hungarian theoretical physicist up until the mid 1930's.

• Also discussed are other scientists with their discoveries, including Einstein, Planck, etc.

• There is some background on nuclear physics, at least enough for the non-scientist to understand the basic concept.

• Szilard conceives of the possibility of a nuclear reaction, which Ernest Rutherford calls "moonshine".

• Meanwhile on the historical front, Hitler comes to power in Germany.

• He enforces anti-Jewish policies, which forces many scientists to leave Germany.

Chapter 2 "Atoms and Void"

• This chapter reviews early discoveries and theories about the nature of the atom and the scientists involved.

• It identifies scientists whose research continues in later chapters and more directly leads to the development of the atomic bomb.

• Among some of the important more important scientists are Ernest Rutherford and Niels...

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