Major Barbara Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. Describe Lady Britomart's family.

Lady Britomart has three children: Stephen, Barbara and Sarah. Barbara and Sarah are both engaged. Mr. Undershaft is her husband, but they are separated.

2. How does Lady Britomart feel about Stephen?

Lady Britomart wishes that Stephen would take on more responsibility as head of the family. She asks for his opinions, but ignores his answers and does what she decides.

3. What is the social status of the Undershaft family?

The Undershaft family are a high society family. They are expected to provide for the support to maintain their soon to be married children in this style. They have a butler.

4. Describe Sarah's fiance's financial situation.

Sarah is engaged to Charles Lomax, who is poor until he turns 35 and receives his inheritance. He will require support from Sarah's family until then.

5. Describe Barbara's work and lifestyle.

Barbara is a major in the Salvation Army. Her primary job is to save souls and she takes this very seriously. She is also a minimalist and lives on 1 pound per week.

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