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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Act 3.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Todger Fairmile do when confronted by Bill Walker?
(a) Tries to negotiate.
(b) Kneels and prays.
(c) Starts the fight.
(d) Walks away.

2. How does Peter Shirley eat the food that Jenny Hill brings him?
(a) Alone.
(b) With a straw.
(c) Ravenously.
(d) With his hands.

3. Barbara lives on how much money per week?
(a) One pound.
(b) Three pounds.
(c) Four pounds.
(d) Two pounds.

4. Who is Barbara's fiance?
(a) Adolphus Cusins.
(b) Snobby Price.
(c) Pete Shirley.
(d) Charles Lomax.

5. Why does Mr. Undershaft believe cleanliness and respectability do not need justification?
(a) They justify themselves.
(b) They are not justified.
(c) They are absolutes.
(d) They are not necessary.

Short Answer Questions

1. Mr. Undershaft says no plan is crazy with enough what?

2. Who does Mr. Undershaft say is the government of the country?

3. How does Stephen feel about Mr. Undershaft's criticism of the country and government?

4. What does Mr. Undershaft state is his religion?

5. Todger Fairmile is famous for being what?

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