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Objective: Act 1 Lady Britomart expects Stephen to take on more responsibility in the family, but she still treats him like a child. She asks for his advice and then completely disregards it. This lesson will explore the relationship between Stephen and Lady Britomart.

1) Group or Partner Discussion - Lady Britomart asks Stephen to play a more significant role in the family affairs; to become a man, so to speak. She insists on treating him like a child even as she is encouraging him to grow up. Lady Britomart's ironic relationship with Stephen is further illustrated by her charade of asking Stephen for advice, then making the decision herself to ask her ex-husband for the money, even in the face of Stephen's advice to the contrary. Who is at fault for the tone of the relationship between Lady Britomart and Stephen? For what reasons?

2) Class Debate - Split...

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