Major Barbara Character Descriptions

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Mrs. Baines - This character is a Salvation Army Commissioner who accepts the money donations that others have turned down.

Major Barbara - See Barbara Undershaft.

Cholly - See Charles Lomax.

Adolphus Cusins - This character is described as capable possibly of murder, but not of cruelty or coarseness. A professor of Greek, this character pretends to be a Salvationist because of a romantic interest.

Dolly - See Adolphus Cusins.

Jenny Hill - This character is a sincere Salvationist who becomes a victim during a fight instigated by a visitor to the Salvation Army, but maintains expressions of unending forgiveness and compassion, causing the instigator to feel tremendous guilt.

Charles Lomax - This character is a flighty young person whose lack of intelligence and inappropriate comments are a source of humor in the play.

Rummy Mitchens - This character is deceiving the Salvation Army with regards...

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