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Act 1

• Lady Britomart prepares her children, Stephen, Sarah and Barbara, for their father's (Mr. Undershaft) arrival.

• Lady Britomart has invited Mr. Undershaft to meet his daughter's fiances', Charles Lomax and Adolphus Cusins.

• Lady Britomart intends to ask Mr. Undershaft for additional money to support all of them since her daughters are marrying poor men.

• Mr. Undershaft is extremely wealthy from his weapon foundry, which only passes down in the family to a foundling (children born out of wedlock).

Act 2

• Snobby Price, Rummy Mitchens, and Peter Shirley are all poor and seeking food and shelter at the Salvation Army.

• Jenny Hill, Barbara, and Mrs. Baines work at the Salvation Army to save souls and raise money to provide food and shelter to the poor.

• Bill Walker arrives and starts a fight, upset that his girlfriend has left him for the Salvation Army.

• Mr. Undershaft and Adolphus Cusins arrive and...

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