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Helen Simonson
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Pettigrew defend Mrs. Ali against the club ladies in her store?
(a) He asks for a private word.
(b) He buys a bag of groceries.
(c) He asks the ladies to leave.
(d) He invites her to the dance as his guest.

2. Why does Pettigrew find Roger's dance attire ironic?
(a) He looks natural in it.
(b) He hates the military.
(c) He is too big for the uniform.
(d) He seems over dressed.

3. Who runs the shop when Mrs. Ali leaves?
(a) Sandy.
(b) Abdul.
(c) Grace.
(d) Amina.

4. Where does Major Pettigrew pick up Sandy for the dance?
(a) His garden.
(b) The shop.
(c) Grace's house.
(d) Apple Cottage.

5. What does Sandy do to win approval in Pettigrew's eyes?
(a) She helps fix the garden.
(b) She promises to visit.
(c) She asks to hear some war stories.
(d) She is kind to Mrs. Pettigrew's nephew.

6. How does Roger respond to his father's reasons for visiting Scotland?
(a) He asks to join.
(b) He laughs.
(c) He goes back to sleep.
(d) He starts a fight.

7. What does Gertrude want to contact Roger about?
(a) A play.
(b) A cottage.
(c) A contract.
(d) A dance.

8. What kind of compromises does Pettigrew say are the most common?
(a) Sacrificial.
(b) Unspoken.
(c) Familial.
(d) Unfair.

9. Where does Pettigrew plan to spend Christmas?
(a) Apple Cottage.
(b) Rose Lodge.
(c) Amina's shop.
(d) The Golf Club.

10. What do the club ladies say that make Mrs. Ali's nephew mad?
(a) They tell him to not stare at them.
(b) They say Mrs. Ali is in charge.
(c) They invite Mrs. Ali to the dance.
(d) They ask him to use the side door.

11. How does Roger feel in his outfit for the dance?
(a) Handsome.
(b) Respectable.
(c) Ridiculous.
(d) Uncomfortable.

12. Who is Pettigrew's favorite author?
(a) Keates.
(b) Bronte.
(c) Kipling.
(d) Shakespeare.

13. What does Roger reveal on Christmas?
(a) He is ready to get married.
(b) He has been cheating on Sandy.
(c) He has plans with Gertrude.
(d) He is leaving Sandy.

14. Where does Pettigrew end up spending Christmas?
(a) The Golf Club.
(b) Amina's shop.
(c) Rose Lodge.
(d) Apple Cottage.

15. What ruined Roger's relationship?
(a) He stopped loving Sandy.
(b) He lost some money.
(c) He proposed in a rude way.
(d) He cheated on Sandy.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where does Major Pettigrew pick up Mrs. Ali for the dance?

2. Why does Mrs. Ali leave?

3. What does Pettigrew play with Alec?

4. How does Pettigrew feel about picking up Sandy for the dance?

5. Why is Mrs. Ali seated where she is at the dance?

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