Major Pettigrew's Last Stand Short Essay - Answer Key

Helen Simonson
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1. Why is it hard for Major Pettigrew to visit his sister-in-law after the funeral?

When Mr. Pettigrew goes to Marjorie's house after the funeral, he has a hard time visiting with Marjorie because he has never been close to her. He has to stop thinking of the house as Bertie's since he is now dead.

2. Who is Jemima, and what does Major Pettigrew think of her?

Jemima is Bertie's daughter, and Mr. Pettigrew's niece. He knows that she is family, but he is not close to her, and thinks that she should have more control over her children.

3. What makes Roger stick out in the crowd at the funeral proceedings?

When Roger comes to the funeral happenings, he sticks out for a number of reasons. He is late, for one, and he is comfortable and at ease with everyone in the room which is not like anyone else there. He also wears very expensive and stylish clothing.

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