Major Pettigrew's Last Stand Character Descriptions

Helen Simonson
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Major Ernest Pettigrew

This character is a 68 year old widower who served with the Royal Sussex during his time in the military.

Mrs. Ali

This character is a 58 year old widow and the proprietress of the SuperSaver SuperMart.

Bertie Pettigrew

This character dies before the start of the book so all references made to him are in the past tense or are related to his family.

Roger Pettigrew

This character is an only son and has grown up to be self-indulgent, disrespectful and selfish.

Alec Shaw

This character is an old friend and golf partner to the main character.

Mortimer Teale

This character is the owner and operator of a law firm.

Marjorie Pettigrew

This character is a widow of a man who died before the book began.

Grace DeVere

This character is one of the ladies of the Golf Club and convinces a widower to help plan...

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