Major Pettigrew's Last Stand Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Helen Simonson
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Chapters 1-5

• Pettigrew lives alone because his wife died 6 years ago. At the beginning of the book, he gets a phone call from his sister-in-law saying his brother just died of a heart attack.

• Pettigrew is still in shock when he answers the door and finds Mrs. Ali there. He is wearing his wife's house coat because he was cleaning.

• Mrs. Ali can see that he is in shock and makes him some tea and stays with him until he calms down.
• Mrs. Ali owns the grocery store in the village. Her husband died of a heart-attack 2 years ago, and she has no children.

• Mrs. Ali tells the embarrassed Pettigrew that she wears her husband's smoking jacket when she walks in the garden so she can remember him.
• Mrs. Ali drives Pettigrew to the funeral because his son, Roger, says he cannot. Roger is Pettigrew's only son and...

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