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Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Carol like the Marburys?

2. What does Mrs. Dyer hate?

3. What does Stewart Snyder suggest Carol would be good at being?

4. If farmers controlled Dr. Kennicott's rate, he's concerned they'd do what?

5. What type of operation does Dr. Kennicott perform in a Dutch woman's kitchen?

Short Essay Questions

1. What influence does Carol feel a doctor should exercise in his community?

2. In Carol's eyes, how does the country compare to Main Street, and when does she determine this?

3. On the train ride Carol takes in Chapter 3, how are the passengers described?

4. The townspeople often ask Carol is she "finds Gopher Prairie pleasing." Why is their interest ironic?

5. Mrs. Bogart raised her sons to be good Christian boys. How do they turn out?

6. When does Vida Sherwin's relationship with Carol become surprising?

7. What is Carol worried about when she leaves from first private talk with Guy Pollock?

8. Carol goes through a phase where she loves being a housewife. Why?

9. What role does Carol play at the beginning of Chapter 15 and why?

10. What is Carol's family background and how does this affect her financial situation?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Dr. Kennicott is an unassuming, country doctor who marries a woman who desires to live a life beyond Gopher Prairie. This is a struggle that affects him throughout the novel yet he continues to love his town and his family. Answering the following, create a profile of this seemingly simple man.

Part 1) Describe Dr. Kennicott.

Part 2) Discuss his relationship with Gopher Prairie and his wife.

Part 3) Analyze the philosophy Dr. Kennicott seems to live by throughout the novel.

Essay Topic 2

"Main Street" is set in a time period where women begin to have freedom and options other than marriage. Analyze the various women who appear in the first several chapters of "Main Street" and how they reflect the time period of the novel.

Essay Topic 3

Ambition is a human characteristic that causes people to act. Chronicle the ambition of those who appear in "Main Street" and how that ambition or lack of it affects the lifestyle they live.

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