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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What could have blown up Dr. Kennicott and Carol during the amputation?
(a) Ether and the kerosene lamp.
(b) Carol's cigarette and gas lamp.
(c) Choloform and the kerosene lamp.
(d) The wife with her gun powder.

2. Why does Carol call on the Perrys when Dr. Kennicott is out of town?
(a) Curiosity.
(b) Loyalty.
(c) Desire.
(d) Friendship.

3. In what month does Carol move to Gopher Prairie?
(a) June.
(b) She does not move there.
(c) September.
(d) December.

4. How long does it take Carol to walk the town?
(a) 32 minutes.
(b) The day.
(c) 1 hour.
(d) Ten minutes.

5. Who arrives in town the same time that Carol does?
(a) Bea.
(b) Mrs. Howland.
(c) Mrs. Elder.
(d) Carol's mother.

Short Answer Questions

1. At the beginning of Chapter 8, Carol begs to learn about what?

2. At the beginning of Chapter 15, how does Carol feel about her husband?

3. How does Dr. Kennicott describe the party hosts at the beginning of Chapter 4?

4. Who invites Carol and Dr. Kennicott over at the beginning of Chapter 4?

5. Who does Carol meet through the Marburys?

Short Essay Questions

1. The townspeople often ask Carol is she "finds Gopher Prairie pleasing." Why is their interest ironic?

2. What role does Carol play at the beginning of Chapter 15 and why?

3. At what point does Carol make the decision that she has to stop being embarrassed about the gossip and make a place for herself in the town?

4. What influence does Carol feel a doctor should exercise in his community?

5. What upsets Carol the first time she walks about the Main Street?

6. How does Carol imagine the war will affect Gopher Prairie's conversation? What is the actual outcome?

7. When first Erik comes to town, why do people make fun of him? How does Carol react to this?

8. What is Carol's family background and how does this affect her financial situation?

9. What is Carol worried about when she leaves from first private talk with Guy Pollock?

10. Through what club does Carol first feel like she might be able to make a difference in Gopher Prairie?

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