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Objective: Carol Milford is the heroine of the novel "Main Street." As the heroine, she goes through several changes throughout her life. This lesson will help the class understand who Carol is at the beginning of the story.

1. Class discussion: How is Carol introduced? How is she described? What are her ambitions, hopes and dreams? How is Carol similar to other girls in the opening chapters? How is she different?

2. Group activity: As a class, analyze the character of Carol on the board. Write down all details supplied by the author, including what is said about her by others. Follow up discussion: What is unique about Carol?

3. Group activity: Divide the class into four groups. Have each group answer the following questions:

--What are Carol's ambitions? Cite examples.
--Why does Carol decline the invitation to be a lawyer's wife?
--What surprises Carol about the Bohemians? How does...

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