Main Street Character Descriptions

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Bea Bjornstam - This servant receives high wages.

Miles Bjornstam - This character likes to talk of Socialism.

James Blausser - A land spectator who plans to ignite civic pride.

Cyrus Bogart - This teenager attempts to take advantage of a teacher.

Mrs. Bogart - A nosy neighbor with morally questionable sons.

Percy Bresnahan - A wealthy native of Gopher Prairie.

Cy - Leads a gang of local troublemakers.

Maud Dyer - This character offers a flirtatious invite for a beer.

Elizabeth - The nickname of a would-be designer.

Carol Kennicott - This newcomer to Gopher Prairie tries to impress others with parties.

Doctor Will Kennicott - A respected care-taker in Gopher's Prairie.

Carol Milford - This character has big-city dreams.

Adolph Morgenroth - This farmer undergoes an amputation on a kitchen table.

Fern Mullins - A black-listed teacher.

Guy Pollock - A lawyer with the...

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