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Angie Sage
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does DomDaniel think when he sees the dragon boat?
(a) He thinks nothing can harm him.
(b) He thinks it belongs to traders.
(c) He thinks he is being scouted.
(d) He thinks it is a projection.

2. What do Jenna and Nicko find in the marsh?
(a) A young girl.
(b) Another boy.
(c) Another dragon.
(d) A strange boat.

3. What does Nicko not know, forcing him to remain behind in the boat?
(a) The invisibility spell Marcia taught them.
(b) The changeling spell.
(c) The climbing spell.
(d) The defensive spell.

4. Allowed one gift from Marcia for his apprenticeship, what does Boy 412 choose?
(a) He want to have a new home.
(b) He wants to have a book of spells to study.
(c) He wants to know who he is.
(d) He wants a new cape.

5. Who did Jenna's Shield Bug take a disliking to after it floated into port?
(a) The Matron.
(b) A new circus buffoon.
(c) The Jailer.
(d) The Gatekeeper.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who do they see on the beach?

2. Who is Hotep-Ra?

3. What does Marcia do to the young DomDaniel?

4. Whose child actually became DomDaniel's apprentice?

5. Who was the Deputy Hunter who taught Boy 412 how to check for signs of disturbance?

Short Essay Questions

1. What happens when Jenna wraps her arms around the neck of the dragon boat?

2. What kinds of preparations are done before the Big Freeze?

3. What happens to Stanley, the Message Rat, after Mad Jack cages him?

4. What happens to the Shield Bugs that Jenna, Boy 412 and Nicko release against the Hunter?

5. What do Jenna, Nicko, and Boy 412 find when they wake the next morning and chase the hunter's apprentice, hoping to catch up with him before he can tell anyone where the Keeper's Cottage is?

6. What happens when Jenna touches the circle on the wall with the dragon inside it?

7. What does DomDaniel do when he senses the presence of Jenna and Boy 412?

8. How does Boy 412 feel when the hunter's apprentice is brought in, and why?

9. What does Stanley's wife, Dawnie, tell him as he is getting ready to leave?

10. Where is the body of DomDaniel's apprentice found, and in what condition?

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