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Angie Sage
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Silas discover on the way home?
(a) An axe.
(b) A coat.
(c) A pair of boots.
(d) A baby.

2. What is the sentry's name?
(a) Phillip of the Rambles.
(b) James the Second.
(c) Boy 412.
(d) Joseph of Castlerock.

3. Why does Boy 412 think he had such an easy time with a disappearing spell when he tries it for the first time?
(a) He believes Marcia enchanted him.
(b) He believes Jenna helped him.
(c) He believes it is the ring he found.
(d) He believes they are all trying to trick him.

4. What does Aunt Zelda look for when the storm is high?
(a) Her brother Theo, a storm petrel.
(b) Boggarts.
(c) Lightening.
(d) Enemies.

5. What spell does Marcia teach those who do not already know at Zelda's?
(a) A Disappearing spell.
(b) A Shape-Shifting spell.
(c) A Freezing spell.
(d) A Fog spell.

Short Answer Questions

1. What task does Marcia ask Boy 412 to help her with?

2. Who is the first to notice the Hunter's boat returning?

3. Who was the apprentice to Alther Mello?

4. What else does the ring do aside from leading Boy 412?

5. What does Morwenna tell Silas has come out of the Castle?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Marcia manage to save the Muriel and her passengers from the Hunter and his men?

2. How does Marcia learn that the Heaps are in danger? Who is particularly in trouble, and what does Marcia recommend?

3. What does Jenna tell Boy 412 after he reveals the ring he found to her?

4. Who usually gets Boy 412 out of bed and how?

5. What happens to the sentry Marcia finds outside the Wizard's Tower? What is he afraid of?

6. When did Silas first meet Morwenna Mould, and what circumstances placed her in his debt?

7. Why is Sally fearful after Silas and his group leave? What does she reveal and to whom?

8. How does Sally help them after Silas explains what is going on? Where will they go and how?

9. On what day does information of the Princess emerge? What is the bearer of this news asked to do, and when?

10. Why is DomDaniel's apprentice excited?

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