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Angie Sage
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Hunter sure that Sally can provide him with?
(a) Food for his group.
(b) Information.
(c) Transportation.
(d) Connections.

2. Who helps Silas find his way back?
(a) Marcia.
(b) The Message Rat.
(c) Morwenna.
(d) The Boggart.

3. Why was Boggart sent?
(a) To capsize their boats.
(b) To recruit for the Darke side.
(c) To show them the way to Aunt Zelda's cottage.
(d) He wasn't. He just lives in the river.

4. Who restrains the Boy until they can safely elude the Hunter?
(a) Nikko.
(b) Silas.
(c) Marcia.
(d) Jenna.

5. How does Marcia know who is at her door?
(a) She looks through a peephole.
(b) She uses a Translucent Spell.
(c) She calls out, "Hello."
(d) She doesn't.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where are they when they come to a halt down the rubbish chute?

2. How does the young soldier alert the Hunter to their location?

3. What comes in the door when Jenna opens it after she hears a meow?

4. Who is Silas taking this home for?

5. Who does Silas see coming out as he arrives home?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Morwenna Mould tell Sarah when she and Galen take the children to the Midwinter feast day, and how does she respond?

2. When did Silas first meet Morwenna Mould, and what circumstances placed her in his debt?

3. How does Marcia learn that the Heaps are in danger? Who is particularly in trouble, and what does Marcia recommend?

4. Why is Sally fearful after Silas and his group leave? What does she reveal and to whom?

5. On what day does information of the Princess emerge? What is the bearer of this news asked to do, and when?

6. What happens to the sentry Marcia finds outside the Wizard's Tower? What is he afraid of?

7. What does Sally Mullins tell Sarah Heap six months after Jenna's arrival? Why is this knowledge significant?

8. How does Sally respond to the Hunter and why?

9. Why does Marcia object when the first of the sentries arrive at the Wizard Tower? What does she suspect the real reason for their presence is?

10. How does the Hunter discover the direction taken and the mode of transportation used by Silas, Marcia and the others?

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