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Angie Sage
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Marcia ask Boy 412?
(a) If he knows what his name is.
(b) If he remembers his family.
(c) If he will be her apprentice - again.
(d) If he wants to be returned to the Young Army.

2. What does Alther tell Silas after he escapes from the ladies' washroom where the Supreme Custodian was holding him?
(a) That Marcia is losing hope.
(b) That Sarah is at the Tavern.
(c) That Simon is at the Tavern.
(d) That Sally is at the Tavern.

3. What does Marcia tell Boy 412 about the ring?
(a) That he can't keep it.
(b) That he didn't find it, it found him.
(c) That it once belonged to her.
(d) That it has no magic of itd own.

4. How does the message refer to Marcia?
(a) As the less-than ExtraOrdinary Wizard.
(b) As the ex-ExtraOrdinary Wizard.
(c) As the Wizard once ExtraOrdinary.
(d) As the Ordinary Wizard.

5. Why was Marcia so sure that the Boy in the cottage was not the apprentice?
(a) She could feel his darke magyk.
(b) She recognized it in his eyes.
(c) She could see the evil energy.
(d) She had found the apprentice's body earlier.

6. What did the Deputy Hunter drill into Boy 412 over and over again?
(a) Stand and fight.
(b) Look and listen.
(c) Run and hide.
(d) Watch and wait.

7. Where is Simon being held?
(a) The dungeon.
(b) The Castle Keep.
(c) The Tower.
(d) At this time, no one knows.

8. What operation is the Supreme Custodian planning against Silas?
(a) Operation Compost Heap.
(b) Operation Heap In Deep.
(c) Operation Deep Sleep Heap.
(d) Operation Garbage Heap.

9. What is the strangest thing that happens as Boy 412 and Jenna flee from the Hunter?
(a) Jenna falls into a cavern.
(b) The Hunter leaves Nicko alone.
(c) The Shield Bugs are all killed.
(d) Boy 412 speaks.

10. What is the main goal of Simon's return to the Castle?
(a) To slip in and out unnoticed.
(b) To marry Lucy Gringe.
(c) To confront the Supreme Custodian.
(d) To see his best friend.

11. What happens to Boggart when Zelda sends him to see who is coming?
(a) Boggart is stabbed.
(b) Boggart is shot.
(c) Boggart is clobbered.
(d) Boggart is drowned.

12. Who follows the apprentice to stop him from revealing their location?
(a) Nicko and Jenna.
(b) Boy 412 and Zelda.
(c) Jenna and Zelda.
(d) Jenna, Nicko, and Boy 412.

13. Why did Simon slip away from Sarah and the others?
(a) To retrieve a charm and a staff.
(b) To see his girlfriend, Lucy Gringe.
(c) To see his best friend, Pittacus Gringe.
(d) To go back home to get things he needs.

14. What does the dragon boat agree to do?
(a) Take them to the Castle.
(b) Take the to rescue Silas.
(c) Take them to see Sarah.
(d) Attack the Vengeance.

15. Who was the Deputy Hunter who taught Boy 412 how to check for signs of disturbance?
(a) Releasepole.
(b) Beanpole.
(c) Catchpole.
(d) Maypole.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is done to try to stop them?

2. Who senses the presence of Jenna and Boy 412 on the Vengeance?

3. What does Nicko not know, forcing him to remain behind in the boat?

4. Who does Stanley finally reveal his message is for?

5. What do they all fear at first?

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