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Angie Sage
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What has Boy 412 been taught is the most important part of ambush?
(a) Be ready or die.
(b) Speed is everything.
(c) Stillness is all.
(d) Haste is waste.

2. What does Silas do with Alther's helpful suggestion?
(a) Moves the Magyk books upstairs to hide them.
(b) Hides from the removal man.
(c) Changes into a guard's uniform.
(d) Becomes a cat so he can roam unmolested.

3. What does Nicko not know, forcing him to remain behind in the boat?
(a) The defensive spell.
(b) The climbing spell.
(c) The changeling spell.
(d) The invisibility spell Marcia taught them.

4. Who was the Deputy Hunter who taught Boy 412 how to check for signs of disturbance?
(a) Maypole.
(b) Releasepole.
(c) Catchpole.
(d) Beanpole.

5. Why was Marcia so sure that the Boy in the cottage was not the apprentice?
(a) She could see the evil energy.
(b) She could feel his darke magyk.
(c) She had found the apprentice's body earlier.
(d) She recognized it in his eyes.

6. What color are Witches' eyes?
(a) Brown with flecks of gold.
(b) Deep and bright green.
(c) Bright and piercing blue.
(d) Green with flecks of gold.

7. Whose child actually became DomDaniel's apprentice?
(a) The midwife's.
(b) The Queen's.
(c) Sarah Heap's.
(d) Sally's.

8. What does Silas disguise himself as when he goes back into the castle?
(a) As a cleaner.
(b) As a baker.
(c) As a mechanic.
(d) As a worker.

9. Where do Jenna and Nicko find Stanley?
(a) With the Boggart.
(b) In the potion cabinet.
(c) In the swamp.
(d) At Mad Jack's house.

10. How do Sarah and Silas get to Aunt Zelda's?
(a) They come with Alther on his boat, the Molly.
(b) They paddle there in an old canoe.
(c) They come on the Vengeance.
(d) They are brought by the dragon boat.

11. Why does Zelda decide to stay behind?
(a) DomDaniel isn't really after her.
(b) Boggart is too ill to move.
(c) She wants to be brave.
(d) She hopes to slow DomDaniel down.

12. Until recently, who did Jenna believe that Septimus was?
(a) Her twin brother.
(b) Her cousin.
(c) Her oldest brother.
(d) Her half brother.

13. What happens when Boy 412 grabs the tiller?
(a) It breaks off in his hand.
(b) The wings unfold, and it speeds towards the wall.
(c) It changes into a snake.
(d) It melds with his hand and becomes part of him.

14. What is the purpose of the small, silver hammer that Zelda gives to Jenna?
(a) To hammer the potions cupboard shut.
(b) To use as a defense.
(c) To Activate the Shield Bugs.
(d) To hammer out SOS.

15. What do Zelda and the children see coming toward the cottage?
(a) The Vengeance.
(b) Silas.
(c) A storm.
(d) Marcia.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where do they catch up with the apprentice?

2. What does Marcia tell Boy 412 about the ring?

3. Who senses the presence of Jenna and Boy 412 on the Vengeance?

4. Who took to feeding Stanley after he was released from his prison?

5. What does Boy 412 give Marcia before she is taken away?

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