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Angie Sage
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does closer inspection of the boat reveal?
(a) That it is not seaworthy.
(b) It is made of magic materials.
(c) That it is magically propelled.
(d) That it once was alive and turned into a boat.

2. Why is the dragon boat sad to be returning to Zelda's house?
(a) She wants to travel.
(b) She wants to see the castle.
(c) She wants to stay outside.
(d) She wants to be with Jenna.

3. What does Nicko not know, forcing him to remain behind in the boat?
(a) The climbing spell.
(b) The defensive spell.
(c) The changeling spell.
(d) The invisibility spell Marcia taught them.

4. Where is Simon being held?
(a) The Tower.
(b) The Castle Keep.
(c) At this time, no one knows.
(d) The dungeon.

5. Why did Simon slip away from Sarah and the others?
(a) To retrieve a charm and a staff.
(b) To see his girlfriend, Lucy Gringe.
(c) To see his best friend, Pittacus Gringe.
(d) To go back home to get things he needs.

6. What is the former midwife, Agnes Meredith, searching for?
(a) Her son, Merrin.
(b) Her daughter, Marlene.
(c) Her brother, Dennis.
(d) Her husband, Joseph.

7. Where is the Message Rat to deliver a message to?
(a) Silas.
(b) Galen.
(c) Aunt Zelda.
(d) Marcia.

8. Who finds out about Simon's plans and interferes with them?
(a) The Supreme Custodian.
(b) The Gatekeeper.
(c) The Message Rat.
(d) The bartender.

9. Where do they leave the dragon boat when they get back to Aunt Zelda's?
(a) On the river bank.
(b) In the marsh.
(c) Back in the cave.
(d) Back in the wall.

10. Whose child actually became DomDaniel's apprentice?
(a) Sarah Heap's.
(b) The Queen's.
(c) Sally's.
(d) The midwife's.

11. What did the Deputy Hunter drill into Boy 412 over and over again?
(a) Stand and fight.
(b) Look and listen.
(c) Watch and wait.
(d) Run and hide.

12. What happened to Aunt Zelda's chicken coop after DomDaniel's storm washed it away?
(a) It picked up DomDaniel's two swimmers, who turned it into a growing enterprise.
(b) They were taken to another county by the water.
(c) They floated to the Wendron Witches' forest.
(d) They were absorbed into the mud.

13. What is the strangest thing that happens as Boy 412 and Jenna flee from the Hunter?
(a) The Hunter leaves Nicko alone.
(b) The Shield Bugs are all killed.
(c) Jenna falls into a cavern.
(d) Boy 412 speaks.

14. How does Marcia decide to return to the Castle?
(a) She decides to send a duplicate of herself to be safe.
(b) She asks Stanley to take her as he had Silas.
(c) She is returning using the Midnight Minutes.
(d) She asks Boy 412 to take her.

15. Who does Boy 412 discover he is with Marcia's help?
(a) Martin Gringe.
(b) Septimus Heap.
(c) Gerald Mullins.
(d) Johnathyn Moss.

Short Answer Questions

1. What has Boy 412 been taught is the most important part of ambush?

2. Who senses the presence of Jenna and Boy 412 on the Vengeance?

3. What operation is the Supreme Custodian planning against Silas?

4. What does the dragon boat agree to do?

5. Who is Hotep-Ra?

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