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Angie Sage
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What message does the apprentice take back to DomDaniel?
(a) The Princess has escaped the Hunter.
(b) He wants to quit and join Marcia instead.
(c) He tells DomDaniel that his plan will not work.
(d) The Hunter wants to go home.

2. What process must each member of the household go through so that Shield Bugs recognize them and are willing to protect them?
(a) Injecting the bugs.
(b) Imprinting the bugs.
(c) Catching the bugs.
(d) Creating the spell.

3. Why was Boggart sent?
(a) To capsize their boats.
(b) To show them the way to Aunt Zelda's cottage.
(c) He wasn't. He just lives in the river.
(d) To recruit for the Darke side.

4. Where does Jenna wake up the next morning?
(a) In the Wizard's Tower.
(b) In the canoe.
(c) At home with Silas and Sarah.
(d) In the Keeper's Cottage on Draggen Island.

5. What spell does Marcia teach those who do not already know at Zelda's?
(a) A Disappearing spell.
(b) A Fog spell.
(c) A Freezing spell.
(d) A Shape-Shifting spell.

6. What do the Heaps name the little girl?
(a) Henna.
(b) Jenna.
(c) Phyllis.
(d) Diana.

7. What worries Boy 412 about Marcia's response?
(a) He fears her wrath.
(b) He is confused by it.
(c) He believes he's done something wrong.
(d) He is afraid to lose the good life he has found.

8. What is the main reason Sally never really liked the drink?
(a) Too weak to have the desired effect.
(b) Too potent for working hours.
(c) Too strong to be pleasant.
(d) Too many dead rats in the bottom of the barrel.

9. What does Morwenna tell Silas has come out of the Castle?
(a) Things.
(b) Monsters.
(c) Evil.
(d) Danger.

10. Why does Alther return to the castle?
(a) He wants to check on Sarah.
(b) He wants to see what DomDaniel is doing.
(c) To make life less comfortable for DomDaniel.
(d) He can only be away from the place of his death for a short time.

11. Who is Petroc Trelawney?
(a) Marcia's brother.
(b) Jenna's pet rock.
(c) Silas's cousin.
(d) Jenna's teacher.

12. What does Boy find on the sandy bottom of the cave he is in?
(a) An amulet.
(b) A ring.
(c) A message.
(d) A skeleton.

13. What does Marcia suggest the Heaps do?
(a) Wait for her at the tavern.
(b) Beg for forgiveness from the Supreme Custodian.
(c) Move to another kingdom.
(d) Take their sons and hide in the forest.

14. What does Morwenna tell Silas has come into the hub of the Castle?
(a) A mechanical Demolisher.
(b) A colony of Evil.
(c) A terrible Darkenesse.
(d) A wonderful Lightening.

15. How does Boy 412 usually get woken up?
(a) With a bucket of icy water.
(b) With porridge.
(c) With guard duty.
(d) With toast and jam.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Hunter sure that Sally can provide him with?

2. What does Aunt Zelda look for when the storm is high?

3. What does Morwenna think happened to Simon?

4. What helps Jenna believe it is all true?

5. Why does Marcia drag Jenna upstairs when the Message Rat shows up?

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