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Angie Sage
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is the only person with whom Boy 412 has ever shared secrets?
(a) Boy 411.
(b) Boy 410.
(c) Girl 312.
(d) Boy 409.

2. Who reports that the Princess has been found?
(a) The gatekeeper.
(b) The priest.
(c) The dungeon master.
(d) An assassin.

3. What amulet does Marcia wear?
(a) A St. Christopher's medal.
(b) A jade amulet.
(c) A lapis lazuli.
(d) An akhu amulet.

4. What spell does Marcia teach those who do not already know at Zelda's?
(a) A Shape-Shifting spell.
(b) A Fog spell.
(c) A Disappearing spell.
(d) A Freezing spell.

5. Where are they when they come to a halt down the rubbish chute?
(a) The Heap residence.
(b) The water's edge.
(c) The Riverside Amenity Rubbish Dump.
(d) The forest entrance.

6. Why does Boy 412 think he had such an easy time with a disappearing spell when he tries it for the first time?
(a) He believes Jenna helped him.
(b) He believes it is the ring he found.
(c) He believes Marcia enchanted him.
(d) He believes they are all trying to trick him.

7. Where does Marcia take Jenna when they leave the Heap house?
(a) To the Wizard's Tower.
(b) To the next kingdom.
(c) To another family.
(d) To the forest.

8. What does Marcia give Jenna?
(a) An amulet.
(b) Her birth certificate.
(c) A parchment.
(d) A crown.

9. What two spells does Marcia maintain to save them from the Hunter?
(a) A Projection spell and a Fog spell.
(b) An Invisibility spell and a Projection spell.
(c) An Invisibility Spell and a Fog spell.
(d) A Fog spell and an Invisibility spell.

10. Who restrains the Boy until they can safely elude the Hunter?
(a) Nikko.
(b) Jenna.
(c) Silas.
(d) Marcia.

11. How old is Septimus?
(a) Three.
(b) Newborn.
(c) Toddler.
(d) Six.

12. Why does Alther return to the castle?
(a) He wants to check on Sarah.
(b) To make life less comfortable for DomDaniel.
(c) He can only be away from the place of his death for a short time.
(d) He wants to see what DomDaniel is doing.

13. Where are the Heaps going to go?
(a) They will stay where they are.
(b) To the next city.
(c) To Silas' Aunt Zelda.
(d) To visit Aunt Muriel.

14. Why does Marcia drag Jenna upstairs when the Message Rat shows up?
(a) It might not be a Chartered Confidential Rat.
(b) It might be a charmed Rat.
(c) It might not be a Message Rat.
(d) It might be a spell caster.

15. What task does Marcia ask Boy 412 to help her with?
(a) Collecting herbs for other spells.
(b) Collecting salad greens for dinner.
(c) Collecting bugs to make Shield Bugs.
(d) Scouting for signs of the Hunter.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who tells her that her behavior is unprofessional?

2. Where does Jenna wake up the next morning?

3. What does Aunt Zelda look for when the storm is high?

4. What does Silas discover on the way home?

5. Who was the apprentice to Alther Mello?

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