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Angie Sage
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Silas Heap taking home as the story opens?
(a) Herbs.
(b) Tools.
(c) Milk.
(d) Jewels.

2. What spell does Marcia teach those who do not already know at Zelda's?
(a) A Freezing spell.
(b) A Fog spell.
(c) A Shape-Shifting spell.
(d) A Disappearing spell.

3. What two spells does Marcia maintain to save them from the Hunter?
(a) A Fog spell and an Invisibility spell.
(b) A Projection spell and a Fog spell.
(c) An Invisibility spell and a Projection spell.
(d) An Invisibility Spell and a Fog spell.

4. What task does Marcia ask Boy 412 to help her with?
(a) Scouting for signs of the Hunter.
(b) Collecting salad greens for dinner.
(c) Collecting herbs for other spells.
(d) Collecting bugs to make Shield Bugs.

5. Where does Jenna wake up the next morning?
(a) In the canoe.
(b) In the Keeper's Cottage on Draggen Island.
(c) In the Wizard's Tower.
(d) At home with Silas and Sarah.

6. Who is in charge of the Muriel?
(a) Silas.
(b) Nicko.
(c) Jenna.
(d) Marcia.

7. What is Silas's wife named?
(a) Marcia.
(b) Sally.
(c) Wendy.
(d) Sarah.

8. What is the main reason Sally never really liked the drink?
(a) Too potent for working hours.
(b) Too many dead rats in the bottom of the barrel.
(c) Too strong to be pleasant.
(d) Too weak to have the desired effect.

9. What do the Heaps name the little girl?
(a) Jenna.
(b) Henna.
(c) Diana.
(d) Phyllis.

10. Where are the Heaps going to go?
(a) They will stay where they are.
(b) To Silas' Aunt Zelda.
(c) To the next city.
(d) To visit Aunt Muriel.

11. What message does the apprentice take back to DomDaniel?
(a) The Princess has escaped the Hunter.
(b) The Hunter wants to go home.
(c) He wants to quit and join Marcia instead.
(d) He tells DomDaniel that his plan will not work.

12. Who was the apprentice to Alther Mello?
(a) The Necromancer.
(b) Sally Mullins.
(c) The Supreme Custodian.
(d) Marcia Overstrand.

13. How does Boy 412 usually get woken up?
(a) With toast and jam.
(b) With a bucket of icy water.
(c) With porridge.
(d) With guard duty.

14. How old is the sentry that Marcia sees on her way to the Heap house?
(a) Ten.
(b) Twelve.
(c) Eight.
(d) Eleven.

15. Why was Boggart sent?
(a) He wasn't. He just lives in the river.
(b) To capsize their boats.
(c) To recruit for the Darke side.
(d) To show them the way to Aunt Zelda's cottage.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is the first to realize that they are chasing a mirror image?

2. Who does Silas see coming out as he arrives home?

3. What surprises Boy 412 when he makes a list to ease his turmoil?

4. What does Silas assure Sarah that does not come to pass?

5. What does Morwenna tell Silas has come into the hub of the Castle?

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