Magyk Short Essay - Answer Key

Angie Sage
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1. Why does Silas go into the forest, and what does he return with? What does he sense on the way back?

Silas goes into the forest to see Galen, the Physik Woman. She gives him some herbs that he is to take home to his newborn son, Septimus. On the way back home, he senses a presence nearby and discovers a baby girl wrapped in a blanket.

2. What does Sally Mullins tell Sarah Heap six months after Jenna's arrival? Why is this knowledge significant?

Six months and a day after Jenna's arrival, Sally Mullins tells Sarah Heap that the Queen was killed on the same day she gave birth to a baby girl, and that the baby vanished. She also reveals that the Wizard ExtraOrdinary, Alther Mello, was also killed. This information is significant because it coincides with the day that Silas found Jenna on the way home.

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