Objects & Places from Magyk

Angie Sage
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Marram Marshes

The region Aunt Zelda lives in.

The Message Rat

The messenger who can only speak when addressed with specific words.


The cat who lives in the body of a duck because he doesn't like the constant water of the marsh.


A creature from the marshlands who loves mud and frequently runs errands for Aunt Zelda.

The Wizard's Tower

Where Marcia and the other wizards live.

Petroc Trelawney

The name Jenna gives to her birthday present.

The Shield Bugs

Charmed and sealed in jars until there is a threat, they are dedicated to protecting the person who releases them.


The Heap family's wolfhound.


Huge snail-like creatures that leave a horrible trail of slime in their wake.

The Dragon Boat

What has been hidden away for centuries in a tunnel below the cottage where Aunt Zelda lives.

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