Magyk Fun Activities

Angie Sage
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Adulthood Is Upon You

It's time to leave the nest. Strike out on your own, and create your own township. Draw a representation of the kind of township that you would establish. You can only use what you are able to carry, or what you find on the site of your new town. (If you want electricity or plumbing, you have to be able to make it from available materials.) Explain what you use, and where you get it from.

Your Township Grows!

The word is out. Your township is growing and attracting attention. An ExtraOrdinary Wizard arrives, hoping to put down roots. Draw up an agreement that would allow the Wizard to stay. Include details like the kind of contribution required to allow settlement and what regular duties are expected of a resident of that stature.

Find A Wizard's Handbook

You discover a wizard's handbook. Frightened, but...

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