Magyk Character Descriptions

Angie Sage
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Jenna Heap

This character is the true princess of the kingdom and the heir to the throne.

Boy 412

Kidnapped child of Silas and Sarah Heap, this character is stolen from his or her parents while still an infant .

Alther Mella

The ghost of a former ExtraOrdinary wizard, this character was Marcia's teacher in life.

Silas Heap

Father of Jenna and her seven adopted brothers, this character is an ordinary wizard.

Aunt Zelda

This character is a white witch who lives in a cottage over a secret hiding place for a dragon.


The Wizard ExtraOrdinary, this character believes she stronger and more knowledgeable than anyone else, which results in her capture.


The Supreme Wizard and Necromancer, this character remains hidden away for years and takes over the castle once Jenna has been located.

Nicko Heap

Jenna's older adopted silbling, this character loves to sail and knows a...

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