Magyk Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Angie Sage
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Chapters 1 through 5

• Silas Heap heads home after visiting Galen, the Physik Woman, to get herbs for Septimus.

• He can see the castle and senses something nearby, investigates, and finds a baby in a blanket.

• He reaches the Gatekeeper just in time to cross the drawbridge before it is raised for the night.

• He gives Gringe a silver penny; she complains that Marcia Overstrand was more generous.

• Gringe claims this is largely because she is now the ExtraOrdinary Wizard, surprising Silas.

• Before Silas reaches his door, Marcia steps out of the shadows in a purple mist.

• She insists that Silas keep the baby he found a secret from everyone

• He gets home just in time to see the Matron Midwife come out with the bundle that was Septimus

• Sarah tells him about Septimus, and wordlessly, Silas hands her the small baby girl
• The baby is named Jenna by the...

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